the betacup prize: What happens next?

Hello and Happy New Year

First, we would like to thank you again for supporting betacup by pledging and in many cases asking others to do the same.

By now you have likely received a notification from Kickstarter that we did not reach our goal (so no pledges were accepted).

So now what happens?

Fear not, the project will continue and we are still just as committed towards our goal of eliminating paper cup waste.

The good news is that thanks to your efforts in helping us to raise awareness we have been approached by a number of corporate sponsors who have indicated that they also want to support the prize.

Ideally we would have completed our negotiations before then end of 2009, but it is still ongoing and we hope to have some good news and make an announcement very soon.

Once we know how much prize money we have secured from sponsors we will run another Kickstarter campaign for a smaller target of $3000 – $5000 to form our “people’s choice” award.

Thanks again for your support, we look forward to following up with you.

the betacup team

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  1. Daniel says:

    You should check out Its a crowdfunding site like Kickstarter but with no deadlines.

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