the betacup challenge is live: Time to help us reduce paper cup waste!

Today is a momentous day.  After almost one year since its conception, the betacup challenge is now open for ideas and submissions via our contest platform Jovoto.

In case you’re not familiar, the betacup’s goal is find the best ideas to reduce paper cup consumption and help bring these ideas to life. Below is some more background on the initiative and a detailed task definition, which outlines how to approach the contest and specifically what to think about in regard to your submission.

Huge thanks to all our partners for helping us get to this point, including our main sponsor Starbucks, our media partner Core77 and to all our other supporters who are listed here.

Help reduce waste from coffee-to-go paper cups and come up with sustainable solutions!


The betacup challenge was founded in May 2009 by Toby Daniels and Colaboratorie Mutopo in an effort to reduce the 58 billion paper coffee cups go to waste each year. (More details on the

The project began when Toby brought up some ideas he had for a more convenient reusable cup. As the team discussed the issue, they realized the betacup might be an ideal project for a larger creative community because there seemed to be many ways to address the issue.

betacup teamed up with sponsors Starbucks, Core77, Denuo and Good Day Monsters to seek your help because they believe this is an issue that impacts so many people and that many of us may have already thought about as we go about our coffee drinking each day.

Special Features

In this contest, the betacup invites you to submit ideas,  but also to comment on and rate others’ ideas, and engage in discussions with other community members and contest jurors. The jury is made up of the betacup’s board of advisors and will offer professional feedback and guidance throughout the contest.

There are two prizes: A prize awarded by the jury after the contest closes (jury prize

$10.000), and community awarded prize money for the top 5 ideas as rated by the community ($2.000)

The betacup is a Public Contest, which means as you submit your ideas, they will be visible to non-community members and people can Sign Up to comment and rate. This feedback process will help make ideas even better, so you are encouraged to submit ideas early to benefit from the feedback and improve your ideas.

Don’t have an idea? No problem, you can still help out by offering feedback to others.


  • Relevant
  • Fun
  • Convenient
  • Useful
  • Engaging
  • Behavior changing
  • Inclusive

Target Group

  • People aged 18 to 50
  • Consume multiple cups of coffee per day, away from home
  • Convenience driven
  • Living consciously
  • Living in the city & in the suburbs


There are no mandatory requirements in terms of visualization or format of your submission, but keep in mind that a clear, appealing presentation and precise written description of your idea helps the community and jurors understand and rate it appropriately.

Entries will be judged on a variety of qualities, including how they reduce waste, what resources they require, new or existing capabilities for implementation, and the overall user experience.

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