Feedback and thanks from Heidi Durham at Starbucks

guest post by Heidi Durham from the Starbucks™ Shared Planet™ team

It is hard to believe the betacup challenge will soon be over. The betacup team encouraged me to share some of our own thoughts about how things are progressing and what we hope to do next.

We have been surprised and delighted not only by the number of ideas, but by the originality and diversity of submissions. We have seen a number of ideas we like, from incentive and reuse schemes to new types of cups. We think it will take a mix of approaches to succeed so I’d like to encourage you to continue to explore a wide range of approaches from new reusable and disposable cups to incentive and reuse schemes.

In many cases, we cannot know how well ideas will work, until we try them, so we hope to try a number of different approaches in the next 6-12 months. Many of the ideas submitted have been long standing, passion-laden ideas from a committed group here at our headquarters in Seattle. When the submission phase is over we will begin to review ideas and determine which ones we might be able to pilot.

We are excited to see the community and jury selections in the coming week. Good luck and thank you for your tremendously creative efforts.

Heidi Durham
on behalf of the Starbucks™ Shared Planet™ team

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7 Comments to “Feedback and thanks from Heidi Durham at Starbucks”

  1. StewartP says:

    I like this initiative, but I’ve wished for a long time that Starbucks and other quick food establishments actively recycled their customer’s trash. I personally recycle more than 70% of my trash at home. It kills me throwing away a coffee cup at Starbucks knowing it could be recycled if Starbucks took the initiative to recycle. Is it prohibitively expensive to do this?

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