Announcing the winners of the betacup challenge

On Thursday, June 17 2010 we will be announcing the winners of the betacup contest.

We’ll be streaming live at 3:00pm EST (21:00 CEST) at

We’ll be announcing:

+ the top 5 ideas as selected by the community
+ the top submissions and overall winner selected by the jury

We’ll review what has happened so far and explain what happens next. And there are lots of people to thank, so we’d like to do that too.

If you are in New York City and would like to join us for the event, please contact us.

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4 Comments to “Announcing the winners of the betacup challenge”

  1. Ron Depagter says:

    Ah!!!!!!! I’m to late to enter– Just found out.
    Anyway heres my Idea to help the cause. It looks Like these Idea are best in your hands.

    How about a cup made using say potato starch. Or a product that very light sensitive. Was keep in the dark. And when brought into the light. It had two days to function. One day to serve up your coffee. And the next to dissove into the invirorment. How about inbedding a few flower seeds in it so our roads could be lined with flowers on the careless litter. Maybe incuraging. Could be diliberate. Different flowers. Or use vegtable seeds. Line our roads with food. Need something to eat. It’s yours to eat.
    Thanks Lots, to be able to contribute., Ron

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