Here is some of our own research along with 3rd party research for your reference. Find anything else you think will be useful? Please add it in the comments.

Betacup coffee drinkers survey – exploring when and how people drink coffee.

Why we don’t switch to reusable – a look at why we haven’t adopted the reusable cups available today.

Cradle to Cradle (book) – a book on considering the entire lifecycle of a design. The book itself is printed without the use of paper and is recyclable in communities that collect polypropylene.

Which cup do you use? – a Starbucks survey of cup usage.

Inspiration and Other ideas

There are many places to look for inspiration. Here are a few ideas we liked. If you have more, please add them to the comments.

How is SeamlessWeb reducing waste? – a simple, yet extremely effective measure that SeamlessWeb took to reduce the amount of wasted packaging and plastic utensils on delivery orders.

I am not a paper cup – the iconic paper cup done in silicone and porcelain.

NatureWorks – a producer of PLA products. PLA (polylactic acid) is a biodegradable product made from plant materials, such as cornstarch.

The Dishmaker (youtube video) – a research prototype for a new kitchen appliance that produces dishes on demand and recycles them after they’ve been used.

Origami cup – a how-to for making a folding paper cup.

Business Models

We dont expect you to have a detailed plan worked out, but it is worth thinking about costs and possible revenues associated with your idea, to ensure that it is viable.

business model generation - a framework for thinking through business models, before you get to the specific numbers.

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